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Dallas Buyers Club(Movie)

DallasBuyersClubMain Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner

Review: 7.5 out of 10 stars.

Dallas Buyers Club was a decent movie. Unrecognizable McConaughey with his weight loss was catchy. But he has done a good job. Jared Leto, as Rayon, actually stole the spotlight, with his incredible emotional scenes and struggles battling not just the disease and addiction, but also his family’s rejection of him as a person, as a family member even to the ultimate sense of pleading for help from his father, to how the society rejected him as a human being. And how he finally broke down and lost.

On the other hand, Woodroof was determined to take his life on a different path, as an experiment, because after all, he had nothing else to lose.

It’s not a difficult movie to watch as it’s more mainstream style. But the story is slightly biased about how patients were not allowed to take drugs because they needed to go through FDA and claimed FDA was money maker and only if you have deep pockets then you can play. While that had some truth to it, Garner’s role in the movie diffused it that there are good doctors, good human beings, who believed FDA is not just a bureaucratic entity and did want patients to get what was safe to the patients.

The line blurred when it showed pharmaceutical companies influenced the human trials of AZT. It’s not known how much the influence was to push drugs to patients without enough data to prove its safety. But then with the desperation of patients at the time it’s not hard to have willing participants to find the only hope, even that would ultimately cost their lives even earlier:

It’s a bit Hollywood themed even at the end the real cowboy could take the drugs for personal use, even it’s not FDA approved. It played like most people could prolong their lives if it’s not FDA stopping drugs that were not toxic.

Between facts and fiction:

No after the credits.

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— Spoiler ahead —



Those sex scenes with McConaughey were intense and his extreme weight loss almost was too much, comparing with the real life Woodroof:


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