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12 Years a Slave (Movie)

12YearsASlaveMain Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ashley Dyke

Review: 8.2 out of 10 stars.

A film based on the true story of Solomon Northup of the 12 years he was kidnapped and became a slave. Not an easy truth to digest but the writer and director decided not to do too many gory scenes. Rather, the writer focused on the emotional hurt endured being a father away from his family, and lost his freedom, the very basic human right.

The 12 years also revealed to him what others’ lives were like.

Good portrayal and great directing. The many seconds pause on the main actor’s face did not feel long, but the pain slowly spred all over his face as his emotions evolved.

But Lupita Nyong’o effectively stole much of the spotlight as Patsey. In the film, she looked and acted beautifully. Her pain and sorrows sip through your skin as she never even had the taste nor chance of freedom. Her tears real, her emotions raw, drawing you to the real issues of inequality. All that while Northup had the chance to be a free man again, but she did not.

What is more depressing is the additional information about what happened to Northup (right before the credits and other online articles.) It’s not known whether he was kidnapped again and if he became a drunk. If he did, was that because he was just too traumatized?

Brad Pitt’s on screen part was small and even significant, he played it low edge, letting the rest of the cast bring the story to front.

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