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Delivery Man (Movie)

DeliveryManMain Cast: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt

Review: 6.5 out of 10 stars.

The story surrounds VV once got money from donating a few hundred sperms and somehow they all got used. The anonymity had kept him from being sought until the kids grew up and wanted to find him. His buddy, who had a few kids, did not recommend him to go checking the kids out, citing kids would drain a person’s life.

Then there’s the lawsuit between the kids and him, all while he’s trying to help them secretly, on top of developing a real relationship with someone else.

A lot of unrealistic plots, just as much as the idea. VV certainly enjoyed a dramedy that is usually off the usual line. But he is really walking on eggshells as it’s a sensitive subject and it’s impossible to please everyone, or anyone.

Another VV movie, it’s all about him him him. He was in every shot of the movie, and it painted him as a good guy. But sadly, he really just cannot act and other than a handful of 1-liners, it’s just delivering nothing. The few hundred young actors who were his kids in the movie did not act well either.

There’s a little twist in the movie but nothing a big surprise, rather, it was almost stupid, which he admitted as the character.

Keywords: comedy, drama, dramedy

— Spoiler ahead —
The father who gave VV his share of the butcher was such a cliche. If VV was in real debt, he would not have had time to help his kids.

It’s sad to film that about one-fifth of the kids wanted to know their biological father. Were they that broken that they cannot build a real relationship with the mother? That they lacked the fatherly figure? Was the writer trying to imply the mother’s fault? The kids cannot act to deliver the lines about these scenarios.

The girlfriend acted unnecessarily unsympathetic on how she reacted the Starbuck news. It does not have any impact of the plot or the ending.

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