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Ender’s Game (Movie)

EndersGameMain Cast: Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Viola Davis

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

The movie was very much CGI all the way with a couple good physical teenager fight scenes, with a bunch of cadets (15 year-olds) going to space being trained to battle non-humans led up by Harrison Ford with Viola Davis as the shrink. Asa Butterfield is singled out as the leader who was a skinny and weak looking but smart on strategies to fight mentally and physically with some Tae Kwon Do style moves.

It’s lukewarm movie because while the storyline is engaging, the characters were just too yuong to act. Asa Butterfield, the main caddet, lacked the complexity and depth to play the emotional and supposedly super smart character. The character requires an old soul with innocence intact. That does not really exist in real world exist and is easier to portray in a book than in a movie through imagination.

It did have good CGI and being in the XD theater with many loud speakers, tje great orchestra definitely helped.

There were twists at the end that made it a true adult movie, and while Butterfield was unable to portray, neither could Harrison Ford! Davis did a slightly better job.

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— Spoiler ahead —
Ultimately they were fighting to win because the supervisor, Harrison Ford’s character, made it a good story, as it’s really no video game. They were fighting and killing another species. That’s the only time when Butterfield showed good emotion on feeling betrayed all that time. This would be the very reason to read the next book or watch the next movie, if there will be one.

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