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About Time (Movie)

AboutTimeMain Cast: Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy,  Domhnall Glesson

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

Non-novelty concept about time travel to try to do things right by redoing, but the  movie gradually turned philosophical as the characters learned that life is not about trying to be perfect but to live for the moment.

The movie was about the son who learned to have inherited time travel capability, and all he wanted was to find love and makes his lover happy by making himself perfect for her. Meanwhile, this girl, McAdams, was carefree and enjoys as every moment comes and without regrets.

In the process was the father, Bill Nighy, who has done an amazing job being one to coach his son. His emotional scenes definitely squeezed a few tears from the audience.

The writer was able to express, through the characters’ struggles, that time is all we have. Treasure while you can, and live to the fullest.

While Rachel McAdams was as always adorable, she’s now typecast to the same type of romantic comedies, and is turning into another Meg Ryan. This is especially true when she already had a couple other time travel movies where she was not the traveler.

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— Spoiler ahead —
The father did not tell the son the caveat about going back in time after a birth. That was a good turning point (from the scripting point of view) that the have to decide how far do they go back to redo things.

The loophole is they all could live forever in the same lives.


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