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JackassGrandpaMain Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicoll

Review: 7.5 out of 10 stars.

This is not Jackass per se, as there were no stunts and only a handful of gross scenes. It’s very much a barely R-rated movie and more just for fun. It’s a pleasant turn for Knoxville to do something totally different. The plot surrounds grandpa trying to take the grandson to the father on a road trip which is filled with pranks. It’s more like Bruno and Punk’d but with a fairly cute storyline.

Kudos to the makeup artist to make Knoxville very much like an old man, plus Knoxville acted like one but with a slightly younger voice. But the kicker is the kid, Jackson Nicoll. He started out as a sidekick but half way the movie, he definitely stole the show and is very likeable.

The rolling credits was literally like a part 2 of the movie, including a quick display of Knoxville’s before and after. He’s still that sexy guy that I once met.

Keywords: comedy, pranks, punk’d, bruno

— Spoiler ahead —

The pageant show was the best scene. Nicoll looked like a very pretty girl, and he acted exactly like 1.

The rolling credits showed people were told it’s all part of a movie, which was much more different from Bruno.


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