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Duc Loi (Eat/Drink)


Rating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2200 Mission Street cross 18th Street)

Review: Great place with decent prices (almost as close to Mexican grocers around for vegetables), excellent selection of organic fruits and vegetables, less common ones such as watercress that is still in water, Harris Ranch beef that’s reasonably priced.

In addition to shop and cook, you can also grab a banh mi sandwich or several others. The fried chicken was definite a favorite for its really hot deep fried meat though the meat maybe a a mix and reconstruct. This is an uncertainty, however and the speculation is due to the multiple big layers of meat that is uncommon unless it’s a gigantic chicken.

They have a variety of dried food such as noodles and rice, as well as a bit of everything even Mediterranean spices. They even have Irish quick oats (cook way faster than the regular 30 minutes Irish Oats.)

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