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Rush (Movie)

RushMain Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara

Review: 7.8 out of 10 stars.

There’s only one thing between you and the finish line, it’s the determination, and how you approach it.

Engaging race car drivers with great and very loud tracks on the field, you would wonder if earplugs should be provided to watch it. And the racing scenes were great with quite a few where you were either in their seats or right on the ground, making it feel real and alive of the races.

The movie followed fairly on many major actual events accurately of the 2 racers’ lives and being rivalries, which is a bonus. And it’s certainly difficult to portray one’s life in a mere 2 hours. It’s much more difficult to portray 2 lives with most of the surrounding events and enriched character development with just enough details to bring the audience in.

The story started a bit slow with more of naked women and booze by Hemsworth’s character, James Hunt. Once Niki Lauda, portrayed by Bruhl, came to the scene with his straight face, short and curt voice and sentences, he took over the show. His voice encircled your senses and despite everyone called him an a-hole and he certainly acted very well being one, he was true to his beliefs, which not only worked, but with his dedication he earned the respect from the audience.

On the major contrary, Hemsworth’s character, a party animal, who saw racing was nothing more than being part of life.

While the 2 had extreme differently characters, one very cautious and articulate in his passionate career and personal life, while the other being free spirited, they both shared the same passion and were determined to win because of each other. And both actors had done a great job of bringing out the traits of the actual racers, Bruhl to be stronger.

The races were no longer about winning, it was about winning against the other. Even ultimately at the rainy weather when Lauda called for the more than 20% risk, Hunt dealt with it as a way he sneaked to win without the last race. Lauda appeared to pick on everything when he lost. He’s almost narrow minded and saw his failures were always due to someone else’s fault and not his own. Hunt was much less about racing, but more about enjoying life with his team mates and women.

Because the 2 came from very different background, Lauda being almost disowned by his wealthy father and had to fight it all on his own (but still leveraged his father’s name), Hunt had the more supportive parents. This can easily be seen that when he won, his family was always there, whereas Lauda had only his team, and later on, his faithful wife who saw the loving side of him.

Lauda’s character had such integrity and he very much took over many of the scenes. Hemsworth had quickly became secondary.

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— Spoiler ahead —



While the movie portrayed the 2 disliked each other and seldom talked outside of the tracks, in real life, they shared a flat and were close in their early career days. It’s not like they only read about each other in the paper as implied in the flick.


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