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CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs2Main Cast: Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Will Forte, Benjamin Bratt, Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Sambert, Terry Crews, Kristen Schaal

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

This is the sequel from the first one, where Flint Lockwood created a food storm in the first one and in this one, he found out the problem was never quite solved and had to go back to Swallow Falls to fix, only to realize the foods now have feelings!

Watched it in 2D and it would probably be more fun to watch the foods singing and animating in 3D. The key is to use food names that rhyme to tell you something else. It’s cute and younger kids in the audience seemed to enjoy it.

It’s good for adults if you love eating, but make sure you are not hungry when watching it.

There were moments one would wonder if the real monster was the GMO burger!

Keywords: animation, cartoon, sequel, foodie, kids

— Spoiler ahead —


If you don’t plan on watching the movie and want to know about some of the real fun rhymes, then here are a few: “you really want us to help you, so let us” (lettuce.) The best one is probably when the father on the boat said, “oh no, we have a leak in the boat” (leek.) The policeman ripped off his coffee shop outfit and yelled, “I am not a barrista. I am a policeta!” or when he was squeezed by his fellow friends, he said, “I am a policeman, but I can’t brief!” (breathe.)

shrimpanzee and mosquitoasts were a few other made-up words with matching animation.

The burger with fries legs and sesame seed eyes was a bit scary with the tacodile supremes as they open their mouths and roar their ketchup saliva.


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