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Don Jon (Movie)

DonJonMain Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Tony Danza

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

What a highly anticipated, high expectations, great trailer movie, and it started all great and hot and heavy, only then to drag on without direction and all of a sudden, threw a bucket of ice on the head!

The trailer has the best scenes and lines, unfortunately. And even it was only 1:30, it felt longer with the lack of complexity of a storyline / plot.

The movie’s original name was Don Jon’s addiction, about how he always watched porn after having sex with a girl, and was uncommitted to the girls and friends, in addition to having his own set of rules of living.

With family’s culture and pressure, he tried to fit in and by chance met Scarlett Johansson’s character, Barbara. Things were hot and heavy as she baited him and the scenes were even hotter than the multiple porn clips. Levitt certainly looked more into the character like in real life. But then who wouldn’t with the devilish delicious sexy Johansson.

Sadly after the climax of their episodes, the movie dragged on as Barbara was really a demanding and controlling woman and believed every romantic movie was real.

The movie continued to drag on and then introduced Julianne Moore’s character, Esther. That’s when you should leave the theater as it went downhill and to hell.

Levitt’s accent was quasi Jersey and Johansson’s was more like Russian. Tony Danza was an off beat distraction and so were Don Jon’s friends.

There’s simply not enough development of the characters’ backgrounds. There’s no telling what each character does for work, and only a handful of scenes of the families without elaboration. There’s almost too little of Julianne’s background especially considering her screen time in the movie. That made her part less believable. The choppy editing and lack of continuity of the script at times make you ask questions during the movie.

9 points for the porn Johansson’s great eye-popping wardrobe and acts, 7.5 points of Levitt having different versions of orgasms (and he’s the only one having in the movie, what a douche), minus 5 points of Moore’s entry and the stupid twisted ending and truly lack of a plot (please do not use religion as a shield to define addictions.)

Keywords: porn, comedy, religion, romance

— Spoiler ahead —


If there’s only 1 line spoiler, it would be a cougar’s wet dream. WTF was Julianne’s character doing with this movie?! Did Levitt really have an addiction? Not porn or commitment-phobic, but a taste of older women?

One must wonder if this flick would be more appropriately named as “The real Levitt – the secret addiction to older women” or “The happy ending of being commitment phobic”!

Kept wondering if there’s an alternate ending that Barbara was actually a porn star and was looking for a relationship that’s different from the videos. Well, she was really good in those scenes.

There’s no chemistry between Levitt and Moore and it was just too forced, even they looked like they tried very hard to enjoy each other.

The plot was almost as if this were a romantic comedy, that if you found the right person, you would enjoy the missionary position. Or from Don Jon’s point of view, as long as there’s no commitment, he’s one happy person.

The part where Julianne was looking into Levitt’s eyes and supposedly to find him more attractive than the physical level, it looked as if she saw someone else in him. That was an awkward taste.

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