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Riddick (Movie)

RiddickMain Cast: Vin Diesel, Jordi Mollà, Matt Nable, Katee Sackhoff

Review: 6.3 out of 10 stars.

Third installment of Riddick since Pitch Black, Riddick was trying to survive after being abandoned and the desire to return his home society. Gradually he realized he was being hunted by human beings and beasts, all for different reasons.

Very good CGI makes beasts look real. The bleeding of Riddick throughout the movie and the killing of people were what shocked people more than the lack of plot.

The contrast of having a lot fewer people in this installment comparing with the last one was interesting. But there’s just not enough storyline to support the 2 hours, unless fighting in a visually stunning imaginary world is what you are looking for, like in a video game.

The whole movie had much of Diesel’s deep voice short sentences with the rest of the cast had nothing better to say except using the F word everywhere.

Sometimes less is more, but not in this case. The weak plot, the lack of and poor dialogs cannot compensate the otherwise colorful CGI and sexy Diesel’s voice and physique.

The movie has spent too much effort on technology but too little on the script.

Santana (Jordi Mollia) has the best haircut while Vin Diesel has the best bald looking.

Keywords: pitch black, scifi, franchise, third installment

— Spoiler ahead —



There’s no way a movie like this, where Riddick was wondering throughout the wilderness, could totally consume the movie.

The father who tried to find truth? That’s lame. The bounty hunter who tried to catch Riddick ended up having his head chopped and placed in the box, that was ridiculous. The “romantic” interest with Dahl (does that rhyme intentionally?) was silly and not believable. The almost all male cast with some brief female nudity seemed unfitted to try drawing a bigger audience.

The beast that has a fox head, a dog’s barking and behavior, back hair like a horse and fur like a cheetah, was adorable and Diesel did act well there to mimic interaction with it.

The Harley lookalike riders did not look original. The weapons were nothing new.

The religious young rookie was totally unnecessary unless the director actually thought that could lead to the next installment in 10 years, as was the time apart between previous installments.

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