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Bourbon Steak (Eat/Drink)

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Rating: Rocking Good

Where: Union Square, San Francisco, CA (335Powell Street, between Geary Street and Post Street)

Review: This is a good spot for the happy hour and bar menu, especially the fries with 3 different sauces and beignets with MacCallan caramel custard. If you can’t find them just ask the server.

A recent visit for a full blown dinner was an impromptu after a movie on a weeknight. The decision was interesting, from the usual communal table to a sit down table. And that’s how it changed the mindset. Smart layout of the restaurant.

The experience was impressive, from the always solid drinks, to the good appetizers, and the most important part, the steak, and to be strongly followed by the great desserts.

The crudo appetizer was refreshing.

The cut was buttery for the dry aged sirloin. The steak was properly seasoned with just salt and pepper, enough to bring out the taste perfectly. The sides were good and in fairly generous portions.

The wine pairing was decent and complemented the food well. The pricing was definitely on the higher side though, considering the vineyard and vintage. The whiskey cocktails were good strong smooth. The specialty cocktails tend to be a bit sweet on the palate. They also have great stock of bourbon, whiskey, vodka and other distilled liquors.

The beignets was a great sweet ending with a glass of Colosi Malvasia delle Lipari.

Service here is always excellent, professional but also very friendly. They never rushed people even it was past their closing time. They made sure every patron had an enjoyable time.

As they realized the party was a regular (different waitstaff than the past) they actually brought out the fries, complimentary.

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