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Jobs (Movie)

JobsMain Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney

Review: 4.5 out of 10 stars.

An attempt to showcase Jobs’ temper and persistence, perfectionist trait and almost unemotional like character from his college years up until 2001.

A quasi-bio flick was more about portraying how relentless Jobs was (no wonder there’s no endorsement from Apple’s camp), leaving his girlfriend and ultimately friends behind, taking advantage of friends, instead of showing how his persistence has got people to think outside of the box.

The tune was negative and how people left him, one after another, and only a few who came back because they needed his money.

For the younger crowd it is also harder to relate to since it only covered until the inception of the first generation of iPod (with crappy Mac iTunes.) Personally, having chosen a typewriter over an Apple II and owned a $3K SE30 back in 1990 had some small memory stirred but not enough to feel for the flick for its lack of compassion and acting.

They probably could just add a line “The rest is history” at the end of the movie since it’s that part of history in which people are more familiar with and would have aroused way interest.

The major issue is more than just the writing and focus. Having Kutcher with the hairdos and makeup definitely fooled people at first glace, but he failed to properly portray the character other than a face, awkward and mechanical walking style. This alone is the biggest mistake a casting director has made. And it applied to the whole cast by choosing purely based on the looks. A lesser known actor would have given a better chance for the film to survive because many of the scenes are just Kutcher talking while the rest he tried really hard. The inconsistency made it hard to make believe. His overacting of Jobs’ walking was ridiculous. No matter how hard he tried, he’s still the ’70s Show guy. In fact, he’s really acted well in 1 good movie out of his whole roster of failures.

This is not a movie for geeks or nerds, nor is it for fans or even enemies. It’s a melodramatic flick that has mediocre acting ingredients and made a legend into linear and non-consequential leftover.

The other Jobs’ movie?

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