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Elysium (Movie)

ElysiumMain Cast: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster

Review: 7 out of 10 stars.

Another segregation movie, this time is between poor and rich. Elysium, based on the Greek mythology, is supposed to be for the mortals related to the religious and heroes and righteous who will have an eternal happy life. The premise is that there’s no gray area, people were either ultra rich or extremely poor. The rich has cures for all diseases, while the poor dies without any help other than a machine throwing a bottle of pills.

The rich felt that they were superior and had an attitude towards the poor. They moved to another planet that was well protected.

But all that was about to change when a desperate man tried to evade the rich planet to find a cure.

Damon is as always, delivered a very believable performance. His look of hardship but trying, definitely showed a hint of his charm way back from Good Will Hunting kind of poor in money but free and rich spirit. Jodie Foster seemed to have trouble grasping and delivering the lines, at times looked like she was out of breath when talking.

No real need to watch in IMAX as regular screen without 3D will be just fine since there’s not much flying or grand scenes that can take advantage of it.

Keywords: scifi, segregation

— Spoiler ahead —

Were they all Caucasians on the rich planet?

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