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Wolverine (Movie)

WolverineMain Cast: Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Will Yun Lee, TAo Okamoto, Svetlana Khodchenkova

Review: 8 out of 10 stars.

Taken place in Japan, Wolverine is with good story line about Wolverine coming out of the woods after being in solitude and was being sought by someone whom he saved years back.

A comic book with Ninja moves, clean fighting scenes (moves were clear cut) and looked authentic. The choreography of the fights were well executed and the characters were well trained. The camera work was pretty good catching in the right angles. The scenery was nice, showing both the bustling and neon lights city, as well as the tranquil and peaceful village.

This is obviously a somewhat predictable movie, even it’s supposed to have some sort of twist. It does not really matter because it’s all about Wolverine.

Great acting from Jackman being in pain and trying to live with immortality.

The sidekick Fukushima, the “companion sister” of the granddaughter, has decent spicy kicks and fierce, chilled with fire character development.

The granddaughter’s character, Okamoto, while was good to hang around as a vase but without any kicks. She definitely looked pretty in the movie, and her tall height, elegant and slender pose give a great contrast with Jackman’s physique. However, she did not add value to the character other than being a pretty Japanese.

Guess Jackman had to show off his hard work steroid workout that he was mostly shirtless or wore little. And yeah you do get to see more skin than expected. Probably to not waste any of the protein shakes the next Wolverine is already in the works.

The choice of Yamazaki drink was a nice touch.

Stay for the credits and you will see some of the best scenes, definitely got some big applause from the X-Men fans.

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— Spoiler ahead —


The sublime plot about how the sidekick Yukio always looks over the granddaughter’s shoulder Mariko with a sense of being always just a secondary member of a family and more like part of a corporation, was shown in most scenes. But she’s righteous and was grateful for what Yashida has given her, and did not hesitate fulfilling every task she was assigned. Mariko, the granddaughter, on the other hand, was on the outlook of breaking all the rules but did not do,

The ultimate victory smile, almost a smirk, as Yukio is leaving with Logan, was the highlight of the movie, showing she won not only being with Logan even just as another sidekick, but she could choose her life at free will from where she wants to go, to what she wants to wear and even hairstyle. That Mariko at the end, was trapped even without anyone trying to control her or the family business.

The love plot between Wolverine and Mariko was not believable and the force of falling for each other while Wolverine still dreamed of his dead love seemed to be as silly as either a teenage boy’s dream to see some action, or some romantic woman who just wanted Logan to find love again.

What many movie producers did not realize, is that sometimes the unattainable love, or possibility of so outweighs more than a quick sex scene.

There were some who thought Oakmoto was great as a first time actress. But acting defines as being in a character that one is not in real life. Her character was being a Japanese woman who follows through culture and traditions, and looked totally stereotyped with the kimono in the movie.


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