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Lolinda (Eat/Drink)


LolindaMenuRating: Rocking Good

Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2518 Mission Street, between 21st and 22nd)

Review: Excellent and strong drinks, delicious tapas (no, it’s not a steakhouse), all at a laid back classy ambiance and not the loud bar scene.

The drinks were so strong that at times you will have to sip. Each drink is very delicious with complex structures.

The food was flavorful and because it’s a tapa style place, it’s great for small parties while the place is spacious to hold large parties. Each bite was nicely executed and was filled with rich flavors. Some of the must try dishes include artichokes, ceviche with fried corn and sweet potato, sushito peppers, pork belly, asado mixto, chorizo, just to name a few.

LolindaRestaurantBut the most surprising item is the cookie and milk. The very flaky cookies (alfajores) were fairly rich and the chilled milk served as the best complement! It totally redefines this dessert.

The ambiance is especially a gem in the Mission. It’s classy, beautiful and very spacious with a loft style upstairs. The bulls painting on the wall gives a mid western cowboy feel. The illuminating kitchen in the back shows the chefs are hard at work, yet not intruding the dim lighting ambiance.

Service is always excellent. The late night part is a big bonus with food is served until midnight on the weekends and 11pm on all other nights. Bar opens until an hour after kitchen is closed but they never rush people and just want you to have a great time.

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