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The Lone Ranger (Movie)

TheLoneRangerMain Cast: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Helena Bonham Carter, Barry Pepper

Review: 8 out of 10 stars.

The Lone Ranger is better than a typical cowboy movie, with Depp being a quirky (as he’s always been that it’s close to typecast), with the earth’s only righteous lawyer. They teamed up while pursuing their own quests.

All these were narrated at a very fun way in a circus fun fair.

The story of train building between San Francisco and Texas, as well as the theme of traveling are almost a side plot while the movie depicts righteousness, greed and stupidity. There were small twists in the story that make the movie movie even more interesting.

The writing is smart, from the wide open story of the rangers, to the super “secretive” Tonto. As the story goes, your quest for wanting to know about this smart native Indian grows and this is where twists will throw you off a bit.

Generally a 2:29 movie requires more than an engaging story. So there’s good humor, but this is mostly because of Depp’s well known straight and deadpan face.

Yes, the movie was long but the riding and fighting on and off the trains is grand, spectacular and expensive to keep the audience laughing and visually stimulated most of the time. There’s only 1 gory scene but it’s more about imagination because after all, it’s still a Disney film and any bloody scenes were shown indirectly.

Great great classical background music especially towards the last part of the movie, a big and grand finale with the most familiar music. One would imagine what if it had the live orchestra playing. Kudos to the director who introduced and interlaced the characters in good progression.

Stay for the somewhat unusual “credits.”

Keywords: comedy, cowboy, history

— Spoiler ahead —


The storytelling of Depp at a museum like inside a circus was cute. The twists of his brother was the one who had the ultimate greed was a good twist, making Depp the good guy, after all.


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