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Turtle Tower (Eat/Drink)

TurtleTowerLarkinRating: Rocking good
Where: Tenderloin / Civic Center, San Francisco, CA (645 Larkin Street, between Ellis and Eddy)

Review: Moved a couple doors up from 631 to 645 Larkin Street because their lease was up. New location is clean and more spacious (old location has the front corner shop plus from the side entrance to more space.) But it has the same number of seats. The old spot had the seats closer together.

Food is as always really good. The broth was great and addictive! Very flavorful and you want to drink the soup. It’s fun (flat noodles) and not pho (round ones) and the broth based is more chicken than beef marrow. It’s less fatty taste.

Since it’s Southern style it does not have sprouts or basil leaves or Hoi Sin sauce, but the hot sauce, jalapeno and lemon are pretty.

Their Vietnamese iced coffee is as always very good and always drips properly when served. The imperial rolls are the smaller one and each order is just 1 roll. The wrapper was the thin rice paper style and not Chinese nor the thick wrapper one.

There’s an upstairs but does not seem to have furniture so it’s not open yet. There’s a small line and looks like they still let people share tables, which is important to make sure everyone gets their bowl of happiness.

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