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WhiteHouseDownMain Cast: Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Richard Jenkins

Review: 7.5 out of 10 stars.

Movie about White House being attacked and how to get the president (Foxx) out by a guy who did not get a job at the secret service (Tatum.) And it’s 2:17 long with  a budge of 150M.

Good popcorn thriller comedy by Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. Tons of good firing actions, many dumb funny lines, impossible plotline (ridiculous) and does not require too much thinking.

Foxx is always the serious look funny and Tatum with his charming smiles and huge muscles that protude through his tight white undershirt. It’s a movie made for him, to show him improve as a father, to charm a high ranking woman, to know everything about secret service and military devices, to know how to use all the firearms, and how to dodge the hundreds of rounds of bullets!

Joe King being Tatum’s daughter was a cute addition with all her obsession of youtube uploads and politics. Her character’s actions may not be all believable towards the end, but neither is the overall plot. The idea of this flick is a good Summer blockbuster to enjoy and get some funny laughs, and about not finding the plot holes.

Keywords:  comedy, thriller, suspense, political

— Spoiler ahead —

Not totally making sense about how people can so easily get into the White House tour with the cleaning carts. It’s also ridiculous with the black car chases in the front lawn of the White House, obviously all for laughs so they can fire more rounds and have more funny lines between the 2 main characters.

The last part where the daughter (Joey King) was waving the peace flag and the jet fighters decided to overrule the third president were too unbelievable. You just have to overlook every flaw (many) and enjoy the ride.

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