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Man Of Steel (Movie)

ManOfSteelMain Cast: Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon

Review: 6.5 out of 10 stars (all for the fx.)

B or B-, and without a lot of effort in the fx it would be a C+.

The story is just poorly sketched out. And it’s really about the superman, not what superman does.

The writer definitely put a lot of effort in writing out the origin of Superman and all the history of Krypton but they are more like scifi than comic book style and is a bit linear. The audience was expecting an action filled Summer blockbuster, not a history lesson. So it’s the expectation that might have gotten people disappointed that it’s not as comic book zooming and more CGI fighting in the beginning. This is also probably because Russell Crowe is the main supporting star and no one wants to waste his scenes.

And even with the movie being 2:23 long, there’s not enough time for character development when Clark landed on earth and there’s not enough chemistry among the actors/actresses on the “earth”.

The editing of the movie was a bit choppy too from scene to scene before the emotional parts are built.

HOWEVER, the second half was way better with decent CGI of all the zooming of the characters. It felt like reading the comic books! But they probably could do it without real actors.

Acting was lacking from most of the actors. Henry Cavill was really just an eye candy. Crowe should have been better but he just does not have the script to work with. Diane Lane’s makeup artist made her look like 60 years old. And Kevin Costner, sadly, still cannot act.

Keywords: scifi, superman

— Spoiler ahead —
The plot about Superman is cruel as he kills the last of his people that was lame and don’t remember he was supposed to extinguish his own kind to save the earth planet.

And there’s no chemistry between Lois and Clark. Can’t believe in the first scene they panned and focused on Clark’s abs, but that would also be the last time they showed them. After that he’s just fully clothed.


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