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ImagineDragonsAmericasCupPavilion1Band: Imagine Dragons

Only started back in 2008 and only got really mainstream in 2011, the band has a few great hits that are not just easy on the ears, they are touching your hearts, haunting you with their lyrics, pulling you closer to their music, music that’s so consuming that draws you tears. Their voice is one and represents many of us, sings of our souls, how we wanted to be heard, how we wanted to be perceived as we are, to be original, to be authentic, to escape the mainstream following.

The band is so properly named, imagine how far you can go, dragons are not as a myth but a belief.

As a starter, these songs will entice you: Demons, It’s Time, Amsterdam.


Venue: America’s Cup Pavilion

Weather – it gets quite windy chilly so grab your fleece hoodie and beanie, gloves if you want. There are plenty of drinks (beer and cocktails) and fast food tents but you won’t find hot chocolate or coffee to warm you up. During the first concert, the sun was setting after 8:30pm so while you are enjoying the pre-show performances (this time 2 bands by X Ambassadors and Nico Vega), you would be squinting your eyes.

Transportation – walk from Embarcadero BART or MUNI (10 minutes), or take the really slow MUNI F train. It might be a good idea to just enjoy time at the Ferry Building before it closes at 6pm, then walk along the waterfront, pick a place to grab a bite (most places are expensive but check out the slightly less pricey and more casual Planet Cafe Organic that serves lighter food.) Note that most of the restaurants along the water are also meant for longer dinner so save those for other times.  Or you can just grab fast food pizzas, hot dogs, etc. and drinks (alcohol and soda) at the pavilion.

Venue description: Very first concert of the America’s Cup Pavilion and it’s well managed with little confusion. Signs are easy to find but only 1 big tent of bathroom right behind the big stage!

The pavilion is right by the water of Embarcadero. with the audience facing west, watching sunset with the backdrop of Coit Tower. And if you lean forward a bit, you will see the TransAmerica and downtown San Francisco.

The place hosts up to 9000 people, with lower side standing room and a middle section of VIP but without raising seats, the VIP seats may not be as easy to see the stage.

Onto the upper level where the bleachers seating and in some cases, unassigned (double check your tickets and if it said General Seating, it means unassigned seats and go as early as at least an hour early to get a better view.)

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