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WestOfPecosWestOfPecos1Rating: Solid good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (1550 Valencia Street and 16th Street)

Review: Great price for such substantial portion and delicious southern food, and strong drinks.

The style of cuisine is almost southern fusion, not TexMex but Californian fusion of southern food that uses fresh ingredients and gives a twist to the otherwise heavy dishes. The dishes tasted flavorful without the grease.

West of Manhatan was with rye, byrrh, cacao and bitters. Strong drink to sip on. There are quite a few good drinks to check on on the next round.

Green chile mac & cheese was very good with a kick of spiciness to it.
Hearth-roasted cornmeal flatbread was very thin crusted, flavorful king trumpet mushroom, smoked cheddar and county line chicories. Crispy edges and bountiful tastes.

Roasted half chicken (on fennel pollen, gravy, braised black ancho chile butter with a side of creamed corn) was very good crispy skin and the chicken was very juicy and even it’s a half, it was very substantial.

The pork ribs were also very substantial. The sauce was excellent but the meat was slightly tough. It came with a side of baked butter beans.

The space is big but was packed on Saturday that visited. Service was a bit miss and may be due to short staffed.

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