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Kronner BurgerRating: Solid Good
Where: Mission, San Francisco, CA (2379 Mission Street)

Review: Very good juicy burger and moist with slight crisp edge bun. The burger was not big and is just enough to satisfy your crave. You might need to order a side of fries if you come really hungry. The bone marrow was done perfectly with excellent hot bubbly that went well with the burger.

Note that they did not ask how well cooked the burger was desired and came as a bit under medium rare. General rule is ground beef must be cooked thoroughly (165F) to be safe to eat. While it was mighty delicious it’s probably a better idea to order at least medium. Nevertheless, the burger was mighty delicious.

Not a lot of drinks at this side of the bar but if you can name it, the nice bartender will make it. Or as usual, have a tequila straight.

Open everyday except Saturdays.

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