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Akiko'sAkiko'sRating: Solid good
Where: Union Square / Chinatown, San Francisco, CA (431 Bush Street, cross Kearny) Don’t be confused with the nearby Akiko’s Sushi Bar on Mason.

Review: Excellent sushi but pricey for its smaller portion.

Clockwise from top left:

Tenen Hirame – Wild ‘Ike jime’ halibut (Chiba prefecture) $15
* Wild halibut fresh but with a bit of muscles on the edge. Still super fresh

Kinki – thorny head (Nemuro perfecture) $20
* Solid taste this is a dish where it might b better than if torched for an extra 8 to 10 secs from a bit farther

Kuro awabi – Japaneseblack abalone $10
* Really really good. Original taste with sea and ocean touch. Soft but firm happy. Love the strong seaweed even it could have an overwhelming presence.

Russian sea urchin (Kaigara Island) $24
* By far the best uni and need a lot more since they were 2 v small bites. So buttery rich and lovely in your mouth that you did not want the taste to go away. The after taste is all over the tongue creamy

Sushi counter picture

Kamasu (Spanish barracuda) $9
* Very soft with a distinctive taste

chopped tuna (comp)
* Neat taste

ji-kinmedai (golden-eye tai) cold smoked, light sear, moshio – single pole caught – Chiba prefecture) $20
* Buttery tasty so good third favourite

A5 wagyu – lightly sear, moshio, rendered wagyu powder $25
* This was my number 2 favorite here. The beef was truly melting in the mouth. It was magical.

Overnighted hotate (hokkaido) $15
* This was truly by far number 1 of all the dishes eaten here. The never frozen hotate was almost crispy with a very crisp clean taste. The proper chilled texture was perfect.

The bill came as 138 dollars. You might wonder why not go for the 80 to 120 dollar omakase? This is when you have to go to a place that you have been enough times to trust them.

There was a family eating on the evening visited and with a baby carriage too. They sat by front door seats so the crying noise was not too disturbing to the otherwise more intimate setting. Seriously, most sushi places, usually smaller, do not have space for families.

Amazing service. The moment I picked up the dropped napkin, they already put the fresh one on the table.

That door behind the sushi bar (to the basement) had the bathroom smell (it was not the bathroom) every time it was open. It was a bit less desirable.

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