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Craftsman & WolvesCraftsman & Wolves

Rating: One of a Kind, The Best
Where: Mission and Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA (Valencia Street)

Review: The success of the bakery did not stop with a couple signature item, but continuous perfection and creativity that give patrons the very reason to go back again, and again. And the goodies will add an important musical note to the establishment.

Over the past few years, from TellTale Preserves to Chef’s Night off, to Craftsman & Wolves, the humble and GQ William Werner has progressed to wow people with his pastries, sandwiches and dinner at his upscale looking and reasonably priced goodies.

*** Ferry Building ***
It’s exciting to know that you don’t need to just go to the Valencia Street (but you should to check out the pretty shop) that you now can get the bakery happiness at Ferry Building on Saturday’s Farmers Market.

*** Breakfast ***
The ones we all knew by heart is Rebel Within, a savory muffin with bacon and scallions, and a runny egg inside!!!

Different styles of crossiants (seasonal depending on fruits), the moist and buttery financier, cheese gougere (savory and sweet) just to name a few for your happy breakfast.

*** Sweets ***
The cube cakes are creative and delicious, rich, sublime and luxurious. You can get the smaller ones that is perfect for an afternoon delight or evening sweetness. The chocolate cube cake was with caramel, Vietnamese cinnamon and was delicate decadent, just like the creator!

This will also be a perfect way to bring to a party as they take it out from the imported Italian temperature controlled cases and into the shape design box.

*** Dinner ***
They have recently started serving sandwiches and dishes until 9pm and it’s a served by St. Vincent. Ocean trout verrine with peas, pancetta bits and preserved lemon was excellent fresh and Californian taste.

Savory tart was with really delicious ricotta cheese (creamy but not heavy), sea salt and vegetables on crispy lavash. The dish was Summer refreshing and another signature of California cuisine, especially on the signature stone plate.

*** Notes ***
Have not yet been to their lunch but did to their recent launch of dinner that’s also in a very casual but California.

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