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The Internship (Movie)

The InternshipMain Cast: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson

Review: 5 out of 10 stars.

Wedding Crashers 2.0, same duo, same style about being fake while trying to find their true selves. Unfortunately, while the two tried hard to please, the story was formulaic. The charms did not get the movie anywhere and they could be in just about any movies and play the same type of characters.

The plot is about 70s kids meeting 90s kids, overcoming adversaries and realizing their dreams. But it’s nothing inspiring. One might think it was free advertising for Google. However it felt more like a heads on competitor trashing / stereotyping Google with robotic, nerdy people working at an uncool place with nothing other than free food and dry cleaning.

If it’s anything about finding their dreams and fulfilling, the pair needs to find new characters, fresh storyline, or a new career in real life. They can both act but just poor scripts.

To be fair, there were a few laughs in the beginning with some silly jokes, but they trailed off quickly. Instead of writing characters as 40 some year old interns, it would have been much smarter and more inspirational and sophisticated if the script were written to show how they turned into sales exec tycoons, which was the impression in the beginning of the movie. The last part seemed to be a bit rushed and the movie could have shortened the intern part and spend more film on showcasing their real life social skills.

The movie would have been a bit better if shortened to 90 minutes. 2 hours was just too long for a basic comedy.

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