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The Great GatsbyMain Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton

Review: 7.5 out of 10 stars.

The Great Gatsby in 3D. What a concept story.

It’s difficult to imagine a 1920s story set with all the modern technology but the writer / director Baz Luhmann made it possible. The setting is elaborate, gorgeous, and the meticulous 3D is what “brings a book to life” truly means. Each scene is made for 3D with the depth and crisp contrast. Dancing alphabets, multiple angles of the same scene that bring you into the feeling of zooming in are just a few that realize a dream.

The glamorous parties, the proper attire and the scenic views give you the intimate sensation but also the grand touch, even it’s a production of merging real location with a good amount of CGI.

While the book may be a school read and the time is set in the old days, this movie caters towards a slightly younger audience but the adult audience would appreciate the updated version.

Books are up to interpretation and so is this movie. DiCaprio’s baby face seemed a bit young for his character, not solely because of his acting skills, but his experience to perfect such a complex role that requires a multidimensional maturity. However, he did show his greatest love that made women yearn and feel for.

Tobey Maguire fitted in with humanity and true friendship, in addition to his forever taking a backseat of himself role in the movie. In the end, he was able to capture the sadness and self pity of what he wished to do.

Carey Mulligan has done a great job of being the naive young Daisy who was born in the upper class and while she thought love could conquer her hypocricy, her material mind finally won. This is where it might have deviated from other versions of the movie / book with a new found interpretation.

Joel Edgerton’s Tom character was a surprising great supporting role as the more mature character, a big contrast to the rest of the cast, and possibly because of his makeup and/ or his natural mature look. He fruitfully portrayed of being articulate, calculated, and showed great emotions with loss and hiding of his grief.

Jay Leno’s garage was a nice showcase of his cars but the modernized music was a bit off, especially with Jay-Z. It’s understandable to use Beyonce’s vintage(gized) music but it just seemed to be a mismatch. Fortunately it’s mainly used for the party scenes and not others.

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