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IzzyRating: Mixed impression
Where: Marina District, San Francisco, CA (3345 Steiner Street)

Review: Always go for quality, not quantity when it comes to dining out. Remember, quantity does not add up to a good experience.

Despite the fact that this is an old school, traditional fare, it did not live up like the memorabilia on the walls.

The prawn cocktail (chilled with horseradish) was solid and probably was the only item that was worth to order again.

The filet mignon tasted dried chewy, which was a really bad sign of an otherwise supreme cut. It was served in 2 pieces with medallions peppercorn cream sauce, pretty much the most common way to prepare. The portion was very substantial (unusual.) The supposedly popular cheese potatoes were just average and the French Fries were alright. The key lime pie dessert was also disappointing.

The restaurant itself was classic and felt more like a gastropub with heavy carpeted and lots of old pictures and decorations on the walls. Wooden chairs and tables that were close to each other.

Service was courteous and pretty fast.

This place is more suited to grab a drink more than a bite.

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