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Dead Man Down (Movie)

Dead Man DownMain Cast: Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Terrence Howard

Review:  5 out of 10 stars

Dumb movie. Colin Farrell did not take off his shirt and no tight tops. No steamy scenes but who wants to see that in Noomi Rapace. Farrell’s character was only with a very lightly believable plot but really poor editing. Where’s the Ray that we loved so much. Okay at least gives us Jim Street. Noomi’s character is even worse and was not believable and she was okay in the Dragon series.

There’s no chemistry between the 2 stars except only a couple times he had the bedroom eyes and scanning her for a second or 2. They should have cast a pretty woman like Scarlet Johansson because any minor flaws would have been like Phantom of the Opera scary and more dramatic. Noomi was not that pretty to start out with, and the scars were minor that did not yield to any scenes following.

The bullet flying violence was the only catchy scene that was done properly as if it were done by a totally different crew. Then there was the laughable last few minutes.

Sound track was fairly nice, however. It brought the trembling when needed, love when demanded.


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